James is consistently rated as one of the top 10 dads in his home by his 4 loving children. He is an avid sports fan, loves to play guitar and sing with his family, and he tries to stay in shape so he can keep up with his kids. James uses humor, heartfelt stories, and audience engagement that will keep your organization attentive and learning. He will provide your team with useful tools that will improve their personal performance.


James has learned how to thrive within hostile environments. The impact of experiencing violent physical and sexual abuse at a very young age has given him a profound understanding of what it takes to find joy and meaning within suffering. Overcoming his own personal struggles to earn an MBA and become an executive coach, has given James a broad range of experience to draw from. He will provide your leaders with functional tools that will increase their engagement, satisfaction, and unleash the talents within your organization. He can teach your people to draw from the strength that resides within each of them to become powerful and unique contributors.


Everyone deals with feelings of fear and inadequacy, no matter how successful they may be. How we manage our feelings of inadequacy is what makes all the difference. Understanding how to be vulnerable and face your fears is the key to unlocking the potential within you. Topics that James frequently use to engage his clients and their employees are:

New Source Leadership Method:

  • Breaking through fear

  • Discovering your Superpowers

  • Leading with Influence

  • Building a Creative Culture

  • Connection is the Antidote:  The Foundation of Powerful Leadership 


His methods have consistently brought those he works with greater success and enjoyment in their lives. These methods are easily applied to any who are willing to put in the work.



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