How to fail into success

10X your adaptability to thrive in uncertainty
and unleash your creativity

Life is a daring journey

Exponential change is now a requirement for survival in the world of business. All too frequently companies and people who have achieved greatness move away from their innovative pursuits in order to keep from losing everything. They start trying to stay alive and stop striving to live.

James Burnham is an expert at building excitement and creative energy in the face of the fear and uncertainty that business leaders confront daily. Bring your leadership teams to his retreats and unleash their innovative powers. Learn to thrive in the face of change.   


James is a renowned high level leadership expert who helps C Suite executives and business owners develop company cultures that unleash the creative and innovative nature of their employees to become industry leaders and improve their bottom line. 

As a young man James overcame significant academic and personal limitations to get into college, earn an MBA from a prestigious program, and  become a successful leadership coach for c suite executives and high level business owners. He is most excited by helping others breakthrough self limiting beliefs, build powerful teams that thrive under pressure, and help leaders build a lifestyle that excites them. 


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