What People Say

"The landscape of managing a growing business is fraught with challenges. As the head of a company, it is hard to find someone who will challenge me, motivate me, and keep me focused on what really matters. James has been an invaluable resource for me as I have increased revenue 3X in one year, and found more time to do the things I love."

Ramsey Madsen, President, Pivot

"As a serial entrepreneur, I have built several business from scratch. I have used James as a coach with regular consistency over the last 10 years and feel that I can attribute a large portion of my success to his coaching. He helps me to see my blind spots, identify what I really want to accomplish and stay focused. He also helped me, after I sold my last business, to find something new to engage me. I now love what I do. I consider him to be one of my partners as I have sought to balance my business aspirations with life."

Dean Whibley, CEO of Valon Industry

"Talking with James has been a tremendous help as I have made the transition from running professionally to pursuing a career in the business world. He helped me to understand how the mental skills I learned running professionally can apply in all aspects of my life."

Shaquille Walker,  800meter Road Race World Record Holder

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