Group/Team Building Retreats

Cultural Development

Does your Business Reflect your desired culture?

"Vulnerability is the Foundation of Creativity" Brene Brown

Learning to work as a high performance team takes trust and vulnerability. James works with teams to help them foster an environment where each person can see the strengths that the other has to offer. Team building session typically last between 1 to 3 days.

Common Topics are:

  • Creating Buy-in for your Workplace Culture  
  • Deepening Trust and Support of Your Team
  • Increasing Employee Engagement
  • Adapting to Change

The Other Side of Fear: Making Fear your Compass to Success

4-5 day retreat in Moab, UT, British Columbia, Patagonia, or another mountainous destination of your choice where we face personal limitations and explore how to break through fear. Sessions involve education on techniques that will allow you to overcome fear and uncertainty in every aspect of your life. Activities involve rappelling, white water rafting, cold water swims (weather and location dependent), or cliff jumping, skydiving and Karaoke. No forced participation. Training sessions on applying fear breakthroughs to business and leadership happen between activities (Available all year)

5 day retreat on a charter boat out of San Diego, (or during more travel friendly times) Capetown South Africa to Cage Dive with great white sharks. Other scuba diving opportunities are available for shark diving outside of cages to those with scuba certification. This will also provide participants with breakthrough fear buster sessions between dives: Group Pricing rates are available for 12 or more people. (Available Sept to Nov every year.)

8 week course over Zoom learning Powerful Fear Busting techniques–meeting 1x per week for a 2 hour session working through an 8 step program that will allow participants to learn and implement techniques of anti-fragility so that leaders can recognize when fear is hampering their decision making process and how to change their mindset from a state of fear and uncertainty to one of excitement and adventure. Priced per person/group rates available for 6 or more participants. Private Corporate Groups Sessions Available

Personal Clarity and Deep Focus: Learning to act with Intention and Purpose

5 day retreat (available when travel is possible) in Cabo San Lucas, MX or Balli: This is a deep dive into personal discovery. We explore the practice of meditation and learn how it can act as a shortcut for the development of emotional intelligence and an individual’s capacity to remain engaged and present during high stress situations. The sessions educate participants on the scientifically proven benefits of meditation, the methodology of its development based on the teachings of Buddha (not in any way religious), and an introduction to the various methods of daily meditation, from breathing techniques to walking, eating, and body scans. We also complete deep dives into what individuals truly want to accomplish and how to hold the mindset that will help participants achieve their most deeply held desires. Group rates available for 10 or more participants

12 Week Zoom Course on the Science and Methodology of Meditation. Participants meet 1x per week for 2 hours, learning and practicing meditation. Homework for daily meditations is given and participants practice between sessions bringing their observations and learnings back each week. We also will dive deeply into individual goals and dreams for each person and help to build a plan to accomplish those dreams. Group rates available and private groups for company’s can be arranged. 

Building Greater Grit and Resilience to Overcome Setbacks

3-4 day retreats in Sedona, AZ, or Vernon, BC (at a European Spa surrounded by mountains and lakes), or a spa location of your choice, This retreat helps leaders to understand the importance of offering themselves grace and forgiveness when they fall short of their personal expectations. Irrefutable evidence on how the practice of self-compassion can improve an individual’s capacity to stay with a hard task and keep trying after facing failure flies in the face of the culturally normalized behaviors of self-deprecation and flagellation. Individuals will identify areas in their lives where they self-sabotage and beat themselves up. We then learn to practice ways of offering kindness and support to overcome these ingrained behaviors. Daily sessions involve meditation, introspective sessions to uncover areas of negative self-talk and how to change this behavior, as well as team bonding exercises that build trust and support for each other. Group rates available for 10 or more

4 week Zoom course on how Self-Compassion increases grit and performance in any endeavor. 2 hours session that cover various techniques  to use as well as working through individual areas where people tend to doubt and criticize themselves. Homework between each session can be completed in parallel with work schedules and personal life. Private Company sessions are available with groups larger than 10. Group rates also apply here.

Unleashing Creativity and Innovation through Vulnerable Leadership

4 day retreat to a desirable destination (Cabo, Costa Rica, Balli). We delve into the cultural perception that vulnerability is weak. Sessions educate participants on how to properly use vulnerability without oversharing.; how vulnerability can increase your creative energy, improve communication with those you work with and love, and how it forms loyalty and increases the productivity of teams in the workplace. Each individual will be encouraged to face, share, and overcome a personal area of weakness with the group. We will unpack the mindset that stops us from engaging this incredible attribute and have practice sessions to role play how to show up at work and at home. Group rates for this session availble. No more than 10 people per group as this needs to be an intimate space. 

4 Week Zoom Session: We work through how to show up with power when being vulnerable. Uncover areas that we protect to keep us from appearing weak. Find ways to get help to cover our weak areas and do team building exercises that build trust and connection with leadership teams or leaders and their teams. Private Group session available (no more than 10 people per group). Group rates available

Company Strategic Alignment Session

A strategy session that will clarify and align leadership teams. Typically used to improve company alignment, identify and remove silos, and drive cultural change. This session is typically done at your location with the whole executive leadership team over 3 days. Before the group session takes place,  I will have an private discussion with the senior leader to ensure that your own vision is clear so we can identify gaps between your purpose and the thoughts and actions of your team. This can usually be done in 2-3hrs. I will then interview and gather information from the rest of the team before we go into the stratigic session and download the findings with the Sr. Leader before the actual strategic session takes place. The goal here is to support and clarify your vision, create emotional buy in for the company goals with all members of the leadership team, increase engagement, and excellerate the speed of growth. 

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